Evercord is a private bank that offers collection and long-term storage of both cord blood and cord tissue. Natera, a genetic testing and women’s reproductive health company, launched Evercord in mid-2017 in collaboration with Bloodworks Northwest, formally Puget Sound Blood Center.

Bloodworks operates as a blood bank in addition to its cord blood and bone marrow services. It has operated as a public cord blood bank for 20 years, covering donations made from 11 hospitals in Washington state, Oregon and Hawaii.

Fast Facts

  • Because of its work as a public cord blood bank, Evercord’s lab, Bloodworks, has provided 1100 cord blood units for transplantation.
  • Evercord is one of two cord blood banks—the other being Cryo-Cell International—to offer a $100,000 guarantee.
  • Bloodworks is licensed by the FDA and accredited by FACT for its services as a blood bank

Collection, Transportation, and Storage

Evercord’s collection kit use materials to help it maintain temperature integrity for multiple hours when exposed to extreme variances.

Evercord provides parents a sterile bag filled with the FDA-recommended CPD anticoagulant for the collection of the cord blood following delivery.

Evercord stores its clients cord blood in a bag with two chambers. The industry has recently been adopting a 5-chamber bags because they give parents more options for the future use of the cord blood.


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  • Cord blood processing (testing and first year of storage included) — $1,649
  • Cord blood and tissue processing (testing and first year of storage included) — $2,724
  • Annual cord blood storage fee — $149
  • 18-year cord blood package — $3,699

Licensure and accreditations

Evercord’s lab, Bloodworks, is FDA registered as a cord blood bank and accredited by the AABB for its cord blood services.

It is also licensed by the FDA, accredited by FACT and certified by the CLIA for its services as a blood bank.

The full list of Evercord’s cord blood accreditations are as follows:

  • FDA-registered
  • Licensed in California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.
  • AABB-accredited

Contact Info

921 Terry Avenue,
Seattle WA 98104
United States

Phone Numbers:
(844) 243–5211

Email: info@evercord.com

Last Updated on March 19, 2019