Cord Blood Banking Resources

Food & Drug Administration (FDA): FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.

Human Tissue Authority (HTA): Regulators of organizations that remove, store and use human tissue for research, medical treatment, post-mortem examination, education and training, and display in public.

Be The Match: Cord Blood Transplants—Every time a family donates their baby’s umbilical cord blood, it gives hope to patients nation wide. The donated cord blood is then tested, frozen and stored for future use.  Once stored, it is then listed on Be The Match Registry which makes it available for searching patients everywhere. Although cord blood is used more often in children, both children and adults can benefit from it.

Medical Dictionary:  Very quick summary of Cord Blood Banking.  Take all the excess medical terminology out of the mix and this is what you get.  Short topics include:  Definition, Purpose, Types of cord blood banks, How cord blood is used, Considerations in deciding to bank cord blood, Precautions, Description, Preparation, Aftercare, Risks, and Key terms.

Cord Blood: What You Need to Know—According to Keith Wonnacott, Ph.D., Chief of the Cellular Therapies Branch in FDA’s Office of Cellular, Tissue, and Gene Therapies.“Cord blood is typically collected after the baby is delivered and the cord is cut, the procedure is generally safe for the mother and baby.” Use this resource to learn everything you need to know about CBB.

Kids’ motor and social skills improve when cord clamping delayed at birth—Children developed better fine-motor skills when the clamping of their umbilical cord at birth was delayed several minutes compared with just seconds, according to a new randomized trial. Delaying clamping allows fetal blood circulating in the placenta to be transfused to the infant, which has been shown to reduce iron deficiency at four to six months of age. Now the longer term benefits of a delay are becoming clearer.

Governmental Clinical Trials—We have compacted a list of all clinical trial studies dealing with cord blood that are open for recruitment.

Umbilical cord blood research: Current and future perspectives—Cord blood banking is becoming more and more popular as the multipotent cells found within the umbilical cord blood is proving its efficacy for a range of ailments.

Separating fact from fiction with Cord Blood Banking—As if parents-to-be don’t already have enough decisions to make, thanks to a push from scientists, doctors, and researchers, parents now have the option to save their newborn infant’s umbilical cord blood. Learn the facts about cord blood banking before you make your decision.

Congress & Cord Blood Banking Acts

H.R.3673 — 113th: Family Cord Blood Banking Act—Amends the Internal Revenue Code to treat the cost of private umbilical cord blood banking services as a medical care expense for purposes of the tax deduction for medical expenses.

H.R.3982 — 114th: This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to treat the cost of private umbilical cord blood or tissue, or placental blood or tissue, banking services as a medical care expense for purposes of the tax deduction for medical expenses.

Cord Blood Banking For Families In Need

Cord Blood Banking Program for Siblings—If your family has a child with a life-threatening disease that may be treated with a cord blood transplant, you can choose to save your baby’s umbilical cord blood for a biological sibling. Although this service is not completely free, some cord blood banks may charge your insurance company for this service. Others may offer this service at little or no cost. Below is a list of Cord Blood Banks (private and public) that will offer cord blood banking services to eligible families.

(206) 292-1896
(800) DONATE-1, X1896

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC
(919) 668-1116

Orlando, FL
(407) 667-3000
(888) CORDUSE (267-3873)

Texas Cord Blood Bank
(855) 326-5764

Lifeforce Cryobanks
Altamonte Springs, FL
(800) 869-8608

MD Anderson Cord Blood Bank
Houston, TX
(866) 869-5111

StemCyte Inc.
(626) 646-2500
(866) 389-4659

Pregnancy Resources

Weekly Pregnancy Calendar—This weekly guide will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for a healthy, happy and (mostly) comfortable pregnancy. Each week you will see how your baby is developing and learn about plenty of other pregnancy topics.

Comparison of birthing settings: Home, Hospital, or Birthing Center—Whereas a home birth may seem the most natural choice for natural mamas, all three settings have their pros and cons and should be compared, evaluated and prayed through thoroughly before making a decision on where to birth your baby.

Find an OBGYN near you!—This is a great resource for finding an OBGYN in your area.  Simply input your city and state or zip code and within seconds you will have multiple physicians at your fingertips.

What to expect during a vaginal delivery—Every time a baby is born, it is as unique and individual as each mother and infant.  It is completely understandable that women will all have different experiences during their labor and delivery. Giving birth is a life-changing.  Why wouldn’t you want to know what to expect? This is a great source on what can or may happen during child birth.

What to expect during a Cesarean Delivery—15–20% of all baby deliveries are performed by a cesarean delivery, also known as a c-section. The decision of a c-section is usually made by your doctor during the time of labor but it is also sometimes planned ahead of time if your doctor feels that it is the best option for a safe and successful delivery.

First 6 weeks… AFTER childbirth—During the days and weeks after the delivery of your baby (postpartum period), your body will change as it returns to its non-pregnant condition. As with pregnancy changes, postpartum changes are different for every woman.

Prenatal care fact sheet—Prenatal care is the care you and your baby get when you are pregnant. Studies show that mothers and babies who do not get prenatal care are three times more likely to have a low birth weight and five times more likely to have a miscarriage than those born to mothers who do get care.  Use this prenatal fact sheet to learn exactly what you should do during your pregnancy.

Morning sickness (Natural Remedies)—The infamous yet inevitable morning sickness.  When pregnant, there will be multiple times where you will wake up and feel extremely nauseated. Use this resource to learn how you can prevent and relieve morning sickness.

The rights of child bearing women—This statement outlines a set of basic maternity rights that Childbirth Connection has identified and promotes for all childbearing women. It applies widely accepted human rights to the specific situation of maternity care. Although most of these rights are granted to women in the United States by law, many women do not have knowledge of their maternity rights. Consideration and respect for every woman under all circumstances is the foundation of this statement of rights, available as a printed piece for educational and advocacy settings, as a downloadable PDF, and on this page.

Understanding your rights during labor and delivery—Expectant mothers do have the right to control their medical care, to make choices based on information, and to refuse care. The following information will help you make important decisions during your labor and delivery.

Coping With Sleep Deprivation—Though a good night’s sleep is the obvious remedy, this can sometimes seem impossible when you’ve got a baby to look after. Here’s how to get through the days that follow those sleepless nights.

10 Ways Sleep Deprived New Moms Can Get More Sleep—So what can you do about your current or upcoming sleep deprivation? A lot actually…  Specialists say to follow these 10 expert tips for improving your sleep while bringing up baby.

Pregnancy Checklists

Top 10 pregnancy MUST haves to make pregnancy life easier—9 months is kind of a long time, especially when you put on a little “baby fat”.  There are so many changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy and these pregnancy must haves are available to help you through the upcoming months.

Newborn nursery checklist—Your baby is about to arrive, make it easy on yourself by leaving out the guessing. From essentials to recommended items to niceties, use this checklist as a guideline for everything you could possible need for your new nursery.

Planning a baby shower—Is it your first baby shower? Nervous… Anxious… Freaked out? Don’t be. This checklist tells you exactly what you need to buy and do in order to have a cloud free baby shower!

Pregnancy Products

Colic Calm Gripe Water—Mother knows best… Mother Nature, that is. All along, nature has held the best and safest remedy for baby’s digestive pains. It took a mother’s determination to discover it.

Unusual Maternity Products That You Might Find Useful—Throughout pregnancy, expectant moms are bombarded with advertisements and advice for products that will make them comfortable and provide their lil ones with the best possible start. While some are outlandish and others are practical, a few make an impression that lasts throughout the nine months.

Belly Buds—These buds are specialized speakers that gently attach to your belly. They allow you to softly and safely play sound directly to the womb.  This is probably the best and most effective way to connect with your baby before delivery.  They are super easy to use, they’re comfortable, discreet and they can work on the go.  Food for thought: A baby’s hearing is fully developed at roughly 20 weeks.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump—This is a daily-use breast pump and designed for moms who pump several times a day.  It’s available in 3 bag styles: On-the-go Tote, Backpack and The Metro Bag. It includes: PersonalFit breast shields, PersonalFit breast shield connectors, valves and membranes, tubing, 5 oz. BPA-free breast milk bottles with lids, one wide-base nipple and travel cap, a removable cooler bag, a contoured ice pack, power cord and battery pack. Best in it’s class.

Pregnancy Pillows—So your belly has grown a bit and now your sleeping patterns have completely changed.  Yes, you are no longer a face-down, on your belly sleeper.  You’ll quickly learn that laying down on your side is your best option.  What usually happens is the mothers-to-be will lay down with 6-10 pills wrapped around their bodies.  Not is this obnoxious, its takes longer to make the bed.  These pregnancy pills changed the game with its curved shape and shoulder support design, it contours the the shoulder and provides a softer, more comfortable sleep.

Prenatal Chewable Vitamins—You must agree that when pregnant, your diet should change dramatically, and for the better.  By creating a healthier you, you are providing the best environment for your baby to grow and develop.  These prenatal chewables are fantastic and they provide you all the vitamins and minerals that your body and baby needs during this amazing 9-month process.

Maternal Skinny Jeans—There huge concern when it comes to pregnancy clothes. Where and when do you sacrifice style for support? Every mother-to-be deserves to me comfortable and stylish and these maternal skinny jeans are exactly that. They are stretchy which makes them super comfortable. Owning a special pair of jeans can really make all the difference.

Maternity Underbust Belly Support Tank—When you reach the 5 month mark in your pregnancy, you will definitely start noticing that your center of gravity is shifting.  How will you know? Trust us, your back will be the first to let you know all about it! These under-bust belly support tanks are miracle workers with X-shaped back anchors and lifts, it distributes your pregnancy pounds and reduces the stress on your body.

Mini Cradle—This is the ultimate back, spine, and hip support. In the last couple months of pregnancy is when the pain and achy muscles really start to take over.  You can stabilize your balance and relieve your muscles by using the support of the Mini Cradle to help carry and distribute the weight.

Woven Baby Wrap—We’ve carefully curated a selection of our favorite baby carriers in wraps, slings, mei tais and buckle carriers to meet your baby wearing needs at any stage and every age.

Co sleeper with Bassinet swivel—The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety. Now your little one can sleep as close as you like, while still safely in his own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing.

Diaper Genie—The Ultimate Odor Lock system features a 7-layer refill bag, New Air-Tite® CLAMP, and new front tilt for easy empty bin experience. Built-in carbon filter helps absorb and lock in strong diaper odors.

Infant and Toddler Rocker—The Newborn-to-Toddler Rocker is a portable grow-with-baby rocker & seat. The modern, sturdy frame includes three different recline positions for newborns, infants, and toddlers. It can be used as a rocking seat or, with positioners in the back, it can be converted to a stationary seat for feeding or napping.

Pregnancy Apps for Mobile & Tablet

Pregnancy Apps for Mobile & Tablet:
Find a selection of pregnancy apps that’ll make those 9 months a little easier:

Android Pregnancy Apps:

Baby Monitor & Alarm—The easy-to-use Baby Monitor & Alarm’s unique features are designed by parents, for parents. Thoroughly tested with our own babies, the Baby Monitor & Alarm is loved by tens-of-thousands of moms and dads worldwide, and is recommended by The Sunday Times, and Mashable.

Pregnancy Calculator + Calendar—We’ve made it easy for you to get all the pregnancy info you need in our must-have pregnancy app for every parent-to-be: Pregnancy due date calculator, illustrated pregnancy calendar, each week of pregnancy includes a description of your baby’s development, as well as an explanation of the changes taking place in your body. You’ll also find important medical info that will help keep you and your baby healthy, pregnancy articles, and a baby due date countdown.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro—”The app that takes care of everything you track while you’re pregnant.” BabyBump is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with family and friends.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today—One of the best resources for pregnant women. Expecting a baby? Get week-by- week pregnancy tips and trackers, with access to videos, tools, checklists, a thriving community of moms and parents to-be, baby essentials, product reviews, and thousands of BabyCenter articles. Plus, tools like the bumpie photo diary, a kick tracker, and more. Then, once you deliver, it switches to daily parenting guidance to support you through baby’s first year.

iOS Pregnancy Apps:

50,000 Baby Names—50,000 baby names for either a boy or girl!  Other features include: Tons of search, sort and filter options, see similar names, and similar sounding names, browse by origin or do a keyword search, view name meaning, origin, popularity, etc. Store two favorite lists and up to 20 favorites for free, see 150 random names per day for free, sort by Boy or Girl & filter by popularity. Newest Feature: Ask your friends!  You can send an invitation to your friends and have them connect to your Baby Names app. Your friends can add names they like to a shared favorite list and you can see them in your app.

Pregnancy Food—This iPhone application is a true friend of pregnant women. This application will make you understand the importance of food during your pregnancy time and would suggest on what food you should prioritize and what food you need to avoid. The application contains Eating Plans, Food Nutrient charts, Importance of Vitamins and Minerals and complete guidelines to specified food.
The application engulfs all the necessary info on food and diet which remains of paramount importance during your delicate phase. The application also has a wholesome chart about vitamins, minerals and their sources.

Pregnant Dad—Best selling app for dads to be worldwide! Perfect gift for dads to be! Available with even more information (new: twin section). Maybe some advice you won’t even get from the doctor. Beside essential information regarding the growth and development of your little bugger, you will receive hints and tips how to survive as a man in these important 9 months period. Sliced in 2-3 bits per week it has the right amount of information for us men to follow. Maybe you could use some tips to make this time for you and your partner even more comfortable.