What is cord
blood banking?

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood carries special cells, referred to as stem cells. These unique cells have the potential to treat certain diseases and disorders.
This process is the collection of your baby’s cord blood from the umbilical cord and placenta immediately after birth, and then processing and storing the cord blood unit containing stem cells.

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Over 80 Diseases Treated

Cord blood is one of three sources of blood-regenerating cells used in stem cell transplantation; the other two sources are bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells. Stem cells have ability to transform themselves into different types of cells that help replace or heal impaired cells such as bone, nerve and blood cells.

Currently, stem cells are utilized in treating well over 80 diseases, such as leukemias, lymphomas, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and autoimmune disorders, to name a few.

Cord Blood & Cord Tissue

Your baby’s cord blood tissue, or umbilical cord lining, holds different stem cells. Researchers are breaking new ground with these cells, with applications which could prove to be beneficial in the future for the treatment of many more common diseases.


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CariCord provides the best in class cord blood and tissue preservation. We focus on improving health, wellness and quality of life for families who choose to save their baby’s cord blood and/or cord tissue.

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ClinImmune’s lab has been approved by the FDA to manufacture cord blood as a pharmaceutical drug. Currently, there are only six such FDA-licensed facilities in the world.

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Cord Blood Banking

Banking your baby’s cord blood provides peace of mind. Find out about the monthly discounts available and payment options.

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