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    There are many cord blood banks in the United States that offer different services, prices, and quality standards. Choosing the best cord blood bank for your family can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many other things to prepare for your baby’s arrival. To help you make an informed decision, we compiled the latest info for the top five cord blood banks, based on various criteria such as accreditation, processing method, storage facility, customer service, and reputation.

    We’ll cover the following:

    • Price comparison
    • Quality standards
    • Overview of real customer reviews
    • Exclusive offer from our pick for the best cord blood bank

    It is common for parents to think that all cord blood banks are the same, but there are important differences among them.

    For our comparison, we took a close look at the various aspects of the top 5 cord blood banks including processing methods, accreditations and guarantees. It is also important for many parents to find the cord blood bank that fits their budget without basing such a big decision on price alone. Finally, parents want a cord blood bank with an above-average reputation and one that has favorable reviews from real-life customers.

    For the expectant parent, we have combined various reviews from reputable, non-sponsored sources and current advertised prices with our own analysis of each bank. In addition to this comprehensive comparison, our free downloadable comparison guide includes a special offer from the winner.

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