Cord Blood Registry (CBR)

Cord Blood Registry (CBR) is a private bank that offers collection and long-term storage of both cord blood and cord tissue. With more than 700,000 stored units, CBR is one of the largest of the cord blood banks.

Fast Facts

  • CBR has 700,000+ stem cell units currently in storage, making it one of the largest of the private banks.
  • It has stored cord blood for more than 300 families who have used their stem cells in treatment.
  • CBR currently participates in 5 FDA-regulated clinical trials.

Collection, Transport, and Storage

Cord Blood Registry uses the anticoagulant dry heparin, opposed to citrate-based anti-cagulants like most of the industry. Citrate-based anticoagulants stand out for being recommended by the FDA.

CBR uses the AutoExpress (AXP) automated processing method. AXP reduces the chance of human error and provides consistent results in the reduction of certain blood components. It also provides quick and accurate data tracking. Cord Blood Registry is the only cord blood bank to have adopted the AXP processing method.


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  • Cord blood processing (first year storage and testing included) — $1,650
  • Cord tissue processing (first year storage and testing included) — $1,445
  • Annual storage fee — $150
  • 18-year package — $3,795

Licensure and accreditations

Cord Blood Registry is registered with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

The full list follows:

  • FDA-registered
  • cGMP- and cGTP-compliant
  • Licensed in California, Maryland, New Jersey and New York
  • AABB-accredited

Contact Info

1200 Bayhill Drive, 3rd Floor
San Bruno, CA 94066
United States

Phone Numbers:
Office: 650–635–1420


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