Banking your baby’s cord blood should never be a financial burden. It should provide you peace of mind — at an affordable price. CariCord offers several payment options to help support and accommodate your family’s needs and budget.

Payment options

Payment plan options range from six to eighteen months, starting as low as $94 per month for cord blood banking and $121 per month for both cord blood and cord tissue banking. Our pricing includes the collection kit, stem cell lab processing, courier fees from the hospital to our lab, and the first year of storage. Annual storage fees start after the baby’s first year, and range between $150 and $250, depending on the product(s) you chose to bank. Significant savings are available for parents who can and wish to prepay future storage fees. We strongly recommend enrolling at least a couple weeks prior to your baby’s due date as the exact arrival date will vary. For full pricing and payment options click the button below.

What your fees cover

Once enrolled, our cord blood team team will ship a collection kit to you. The collection kit must be taken with you to the hospital when you are about to enter into labor. You must advise your labor and delivery staff that you have a medical kit for cord blood or cord tissue collection. Your medical kit includes the collection bag for the cord blood, collection cup for the cord tissue, and all the necessary materials for the mother’s blood samples, in addition to instructions for the hospital staff.

Once the cord blood is collected and sealed by the delivery staff, a family member must contact the courier (all of these instructions are included with the collection kit) to pick up your collection kit for delivery to the University, for processing and storing of the stem cells. Our customer service department will contact you within a couple of days to confirm your kit has been received, processed, and stored. Once completed, a certificate of storage will be sent to your family with all of your baby’s unit information.

We want every family to have the opportunity to store their child’s cord blood. If you have any questions or need additional financing options, please feel free to contact us directly at, by phone (888-894-6412), or using our contact form.