About CariCord

CariCord is the family bank for ClinImmune Labs, one of the world’s leading cord blood banks located at the University of Colorado’s medical campus in Aurora, Colorado.

Family banks help expecting parents store their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue, giving families exclusive access to the valuable stem cells that are located in their baby’s cord blood and cord tissue.

All cord blood collected by CariCord is processed and stored in ClinImmune’s state-of-the-art facility. CariCord is the only family bank processing and storing cord blood at a major medical university campus.

Every cord blood unit collected by CariCord is immediately sent to ClinImmune Labs, which has been licensed by the FDA to manufacture cord blood. Currently there are only six facilities in the world that have an FDA license for manufacturing cord blood.

Once the cord blood units are received at the laboratory, the units are processed using the same laboratory procedures, equipment, and supplies, and are handled by the same highly trained lab technicians that handle ClinImmune Labs’ licensed public cord blood units. This is important as public (donated) units are held to a significantly higher standard than family (personal storage) units.

CariCord works closely with the University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB), a division of ClinImmune Labs, which has a long history of collecting, processing, banking, and distributing cord blood for human stem cell transplantation. The UCCBB is a public cord blood bank, which has banked over 9,000 cord blood units, of which more than 800 have been transplanted at over 150 different transplant centers in the United States and around the world.

In addition to providing CariCord with their laboratory facilities to process and store collected cord blood and cord tissue, ClinImmune provides CariCord direct association with the adjacent medical and scientific facilities, including the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, the Veterans Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine. These prestigious research and educational facilities and treatment centers are geared toward current and next generation life-saving technologies.

CariCord is also the exclusive United States licensee of CellResearch Corporation (“CRC”), an innovator and market leader in the development of cord tissue as a valuable source for stem cells. ClinImmune and the CRC are already working together to obtain US FDA approval for Corlicyte™, a drug for the treatment of diabetic wounds. With over 600 US FDA clinical trials currently underway using stem cells present in cord tissue, the global market for cellular therapy is set to grow exponentially. As a licensed therapeutic partner of CRC, CariCord is positioned to enhance the value of cord blood products collected and stored with the company.