Located in Massachusetts, ViaCord is a part of PerkinElmer, a global health company. ViaCord provides longterm banking for both cord blood and cord tissue.

Fast Facts

  • ViaCord is the 3rd largest of the U.S. cord blood banks with more than 350,000 cord blood units stored.
  • It has been the intermediary for a number of cord blood transplants and has been involved with more than 280 transplants.
  • It reports a high survival rate for patients who have undergone a cord blood transplant: One-year survival rate is 88%, and long-term survival rate is 82%
  • Transplant recipients have been involved in multiple clinical trials researching stem cell treatments for severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cerebral palsy

Collection, Transportation, and Storage

Viacord uses a sterile collection bag from Pall Corporation. It’s bags are filled with CPD, which it says improves the amount of stem cells harvested by up to 50%.

ViaCord uses a five-chambered storage bag to allow for multiple treatment opportunities. As with most cord blood banks, the collections are stored in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen to help eliminate risks for contamination.


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  • Cord blood processing (first year storage and testing included) — $1,750
  • Cord blood and tissue processing (first year storage and testing included) — $2,795
  • Annual cord blood storage fee — $175
  • 21-year cord blood package — $4,515

Licensure and accreditations

ViaCord is registered with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and is accredited by the AABB.

The full list of ViaCord’s accreditations follows:

  • FDA-registered
  • Licensed in California, Maryland, New Jersey and New York
  • AABB- and CLIA-accredited

Contact Info

930 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451
United States

Phone Numbers:
(Toll-Free): 866–668–4895


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