Founded by the University of Colorado, CariCord is located at the university’s Anschutz campus. The bank is considered both public and private, which means they provide very strict standards for cord blood processing and storage.

The ClinImmune labs, where CariCord operates, has 17 years of experience banking cord blood units. Offices are located in California, but the lab facility is located in Colorado.

Fact Facts

  • Stores over 8,500 units
  • 700 cord blood units used in patient transplants
  • Their stem cells are used in over 150 hospitals around the world
  • Other cord blood storage facilities use CariCord’s laboratories for clinical transplantation. Over 1,000 of these procedures have occurred at the Colorado facility
  • The organization operates in a class 10,000 clean rooms, approved by leading medical authorities
  • Is approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), and FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy)

Collection, Transportation, and Storage

CariCord’s signature collection kit, the “CariKit”, is temperature controlled, which keeps the umbilical cord at room temperature while it travels to the lab. The bag, designed by Pall, uses CPD (citrate phosphate dextrose) as an anticoagulant to preserve the stem cells. Chloraprep, a disinfectant, is used to clean the umbilical cord before storage.

The CariKit can endure both hot and cold climates, so it can travel across the country, while keeping cord blood at a consistent temperature for over 24 hours.

Once at the facility, cord blood is stored using the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen. Preserved at -190 degrees Celsius, the stem cells are safe from cross-contamination.


  • One-time processing fee (which includes five years of free storage) – $1995
  • Processing fees for cord blood and cord tissue storage (includes 5 years of free storage) – $2690

* Annual storage fees (these fees start after the child’s 6th birthday) – $150
* Annual storage fees for cord blood and cord tissue (starting after the child’s 6th birthday) – $250
* Additional savings are offered for families who pay for several years of storage upfront

Contact Info

Office Address
16180 Scientific Way
Irvine, CA 92618
United States

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