Success Stories: Anthony Dones

When Anthony Dones was just four years old, he was diagnosed with osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become brittle and break. In his condition, stem cell therapy was the only available treatment option. Doctors searched for banked cord blood knowing it was the quickest option available to Anthony.

After only a week of searching, they found a suitable match, and Anthony was admitted to the hospital in December 2002. After eight days of chemotherapy to reduce the amount of harmful cells in his body, Anthony received a transplant. He was kept in the hospital for nearly two more months.¬†At the end of January, Anthony’s blood cell levels stabilized, and he was released from the hospital.

Anthony now enjoys a normal life with his family. His family stored Anthony’s cord blood in a private bank when he was born, but the donated cord blood used in his transplant was more effective. Anthony’s family decided to donate his stored stem cells to a medical team researching the effects of cord blood on osteoporosis.

Stem cells found in the umbilical cord can treat over 80 different diseases. Find out more about cord blood banking here.

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