What makes cord blood special?

Stem cells in your baby's umbilical cord blood can replace damaged cells inside the body. These new cells repair wounds, restore lost brain functions and increase healthy blood count. Medical experts discover new treatments every year, which means stored cord blood will become more valuable over time. Find out more about cord blood, life-saving stem cell treatments and what these advances in regenerative therapy mean for your family.  Continue Reading

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The benefits of cord blood

Your child's umbilical cord cells are powerful, versatile and full of life-saving potential. These young cells haven't been exposed to disease - meaning they can replace older, damaged cells and boost recovery time. Stored cord blood protects your family from dangerous conditions, including immune disorders, blood defects and several forms of cancer.


Cord blood therapy boosts the body's immune system, increases healthy blood count and guards against infection.


Umbilical cord cells adjust to each patient's system, improving treatment options and chances for a successful transplant.


When cord blood cells are administered to a patient, they naturally migrate to damaged areas, and speed up the body's healing process.

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